We're here to help

The love and support of the entire Oxipay team is with all of New Zealand during these uncertain and rapidly changing times. If we stick together and care for each other, we will get through this.

We want to reassure you that the Oxipay team have been categorised as an essential financial service and there is unlikely to be any disruption to our operations. We’ll remain open throughout the lockdown period so you can continue to use Oxipay to purchase the products and services you need.

Our customer services teams are available and ready to help should you have any questions about your current situation during this time. Head to our contact us page to find out more on how to get in touch.


Helping Kiwis get the essentials

The team at Oxipay want to do everything we can to support our customers through these uncertain times and ensure you continue to be safe, comfortable and connected. By now you’ll know that some businesses can sell essential non-food items online, which is great news if you are in need of technology to help you stay connected, blankets, heaters, kitchenware, whiteware or other bits and pieces. Make sure you check out our Essential Services category for a full view on where you can now shop online.



The wellbeing of our customers, team and retailers are our priority and we’re doing everything we can to help. If you’re under financial pressure, please reach out to Oxipay, we have a hardship policy designed to help you through these difficult times and an established financial wellbeing team to support you.


Keeping your details safe

One thing to watch out for in the current climate is online scams and fraud - this includes suspicious and unsolicited emails, phone calls and text messages. We’ll never contact you asking for your password, credit card number, PIN, CVC number, or access to your device in an email or text. If you receive a suspicious email or text message you should immediately delete it and do not click on any links. You can always contact us if you’re not sure of the authenticity.


Take care of yourself, your whānau and your loved ones. Remember that we’re here to help and that we’ll get through this together.

The Oxipay Team